What if I could save you tens of thousands, and possibly even hundreds of thousands, on building a new home? Want to invest in rental properties? Why buy used, when you can build your own for much less and have higher rental income and less maintenance on a new property?

Option 1: Project Manager Option:

Be your own General Contractor, and let an experienced Home Builder and Real Estate Investor manage your home building project for you from start to finish. Your the boss. Just get your home plans, sign the septic and building permit applications, pay invoices for materials and labor when due, and I manage the rest for you as your Project Manager, under your general contractor permit. The homeowner can be their own General Contractor to do permits and then hire out the work to subcontractors. I manage materials ordering, manage sub-contractors, and everything else. Includes referring the suppliers and contractors I personally use, and my discount pro-pricing accounts on trusses, framing lumber, siding materials, and more (payment up front required when using my supplier accounts). You save even more when using the same suppliers and laborers I personally use, after spending many years searching for the best ones at the best price. Save even more if you do some of the jobs when possible.

Use the Contact Link above to get started. Only $9995 (spread out in 3 monthly payments) for the complete project. I accept Zelle, Venmo, Check by email, or Square Credit Card payments (add 3% to cover their fee). Yes you pay a little up front for my service, but remember managing a home building project is time consuming (over about 6 months) and stressful, and you are saving so much money compared to buying a used home at market value or hiring a General Contractor to do everything for you (their markup is usually 20% or more of the total project cost and are super busy building more than 1 home at a time). It's a win-win. See the Portfolio page for real world examples, including costs at time of completion, of homes I have built as my own general contractor, and/or been a project manager for.

Option 2: Consulting Option:

As a consultant, I instruct you on how to get your House plans, how to do your own site plan and septic/building permits, how to create your building materials list, who to order materials from, who and how to contact subcontractors for each job, how to order and deliver materials. I guide you every step of the way, but you do the actual project management yourself. You will need to setup your own accounts with building material providers and laborers who will complete each job (which pricing can be higher if your not a repeat customer of theirs). You could save more money if you do some of the construction projects yourself!

Use the Contact Link above to get started. $2500. I accept Zelle, Venmo, Check or Square Credit Card(add 3%) payments. Yes you pay a little up front, but save a ton building your own home. It's a win-win.

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